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Pain Management Physician in Linwood, New Jersey - Dr. Dipty Mangla

If you are living with pain syndrome, you’ll be in expert hands when you choose Dr. Dipty Mangla for your specialty care.

Dipty Mangla, M.D, MBBS, is a board-certified and fellowship- trained pain management specialist who also serves as the Director of Mainland Pain Management. Dr. Mangla, a renowned pain management physician in New Jersey, is highly skilled in treating headaches, facial pain, neck pain, back pain and joint pain. Her areas of expertise include the diagnosis, treatment and management of abdominal pain, cancer pain, complex regional pain syndrome, and back pain refractory to surgery. At Mainland Pain Management, all our providers are dedicated to serving you with the highest-quality and most convenient healthcare.

Biography by Doctor Dipty Mangla - Best Anesthesiologist in New Jersey

” I have been an anesthesiologist for more than 15 years. During anaesthesia years I observed and helped many patients with pain. Some came for surgeries and ended up having chronic pain whereas there were others who were already dealing with chronic pain and were looking into many more surgeries. Having practised
anesthesiology in 2 different continents I saw the different sociocultural approaches to pain and the impact on physical and emotional well being of patients. I saw gaps in the knowledge and support of these patients. So I gave up my full time anaesthesia job to learn more about interventional pain from the best in the world. I joined Cleveland Clinic as a fellow to learn more about multidisciplinary approaches to pain as well as more advanced treatments for pain. After my training I decided to dedicate my time to treatment of pain in all types of pain pathologies. I believe that every pain is unique and should be treated as such. I believe that every patient should have access to the best possible care, and I strive to provide this to my patients.

The expert pain management physician in Linwood adds that she uses a combination of medications, physical therapy, lifestyle modifications, psychological support and minimally invasive procedures to help her patients improve their quality of life.

I have a strong commitment to research and education. I have been invited to give lectures at university and conferences and have published chapters in books and articles in journals. I am also dedicated to teaching medical students and residents.
Dr. Dipty Mangala, the best anesthesiologist in New Jersey, says her goal is to provide quick, effective, and sustained pain relief. My mission is to provide the highest quality of care to the patients and to help them lead better , more productive lives. I strive to stay abreast of the latest advances in pain management and I am dedicated to providing the best possible care to my patients. “

Work Experience


  • M.D. Anesthesiology July 2004 – June 2007 University College of Medical Sciences and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, Delhi University, New Delhi, India
  • M.B.B.S. July 1997 – Dec 2002 Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh Punjab, India
  • Board Certification 2014 Board certified by American Board of Anesthesiologists.

Memberships / Professional Societies

  • 2013- Present
    Maryland society of Anesthesiologists
  • 2009-Present
    American Society of Anesthesiologist
  • 2003-2007
    Delhi Medical Council
  • 2017
    American Society of Regional Anesthesia

Anesthesia Experience

Western Maryland Regional Medical Center (Department of Anesthesiology)
Dr. Mangla, the renowned pain management physician and the best anesthesiologist in Linwood, is an expert in performing anesthesia both as an individual and as a supervising anesthesiologist. She is an anesthesia provider for Thoracic, Vascular, Neurosurgical, Orthopedic, Pediatric ENT, Trauma, Obstetrics and General surgical cases. Moreover, is proficient in regional anesthesia, nerve blocks including ultrasound guidance, and vascular access.

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2nd Prize in research paper presentation at PAARC in 2007

Drexel University College of Medicine/Hahnemann University Hospital (Department of Anesthesiology)

Silver medals in Pediatrics and Ophthalmology

Government medical College and Hospital Chandigarh

Third prize in quiz at 47th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Anesthesiologists

University College of Medical Sciences (Department of Anesthesiology)

Volunteer as medical team coordinator at ESWA, Philadelphia

Health Team Leader

Research / Publications

Thesis entitled “ Randomised Double Blind Controlled Trial for comparison between midazolam versus ketamine as caudal adjuncts in children undergoing herniotomy ’’ submitted and accepted by Delhi University, April 2006.
Nielsen VG, Chawla N, Mangla D. Carbon monoxide-releasing molecule-2 enhances coagulation in rabbit plasma and decreases bleeding time in clopidogrel/aspirin-treated rabbits: Published in Blood Coagul.Fibrinolysis 2011 Dec;22(8):756-9.

FAQs - Pain Management Physician in Linwood, New Jersey

What Distinguishes the Mainland Pain Management Specialist apart from other pain management practices?

Ans. Why chose Dr. Dipty Mangla over the other pain specialists in the area? Quick answers include Dr. Dipty Mangla's 15 years of anesthesiology experience, advanced technology, and patient compassion. She is a board-certified anesthesiologist with vast experience in individual and supervising anesthesia. She has helped thousands of patients undergoing thoracic, vascular, neurosurgery, orthopedic, pediatric ENT, trauma, obstetrics surgeries by providing anesthesia for surgeries but also helped them navigate surgeries with minimal pain . She can perform techniques for regional anesthetic, ultrasound-guided nerve blocks, and vascular access.

She established Mainland Pain Management to provide acute and chronic pain services where she has conceptualized, developed, and established a successful pain management group. She developed this center to provide Central, Eastern, and Southern New Jersey patients with the best interventional pain treatments. Dr. Mangla, the expert pain management physician in New Jersey, assesses each patient at Mainland Pain Management and works with her team to identify the appropriate treatment.

What is Interventional Pain Management (IPM)?

Ans. Interventional pain management is a kind of pain treatment that utilizes minimally invasive techniques and procedures to interfere and disrupt pain signals. It includes injecting an anesthetic medicine or steroid around nerves, tendons, joints, or muscles; spinal cord stimulation; insertion of a drug delivery system; or a radio-frequency ablation or cryoablation procedure to prevent a nerve from working for an extended period of time.

These are some of the advanced approaches followed by the best anesthesiologist in New Jersey, Dr. Dipty Mangla to provide pain free treatments to patients.

What are the Benefits of Interventional Pain Management?

Ans. Interventional pain management techniques like anaesthesia, spinal cord stimulator, radio frequency ablation, etc. are beneficial to patients to:

  • Reduce the duration and degree of their discomfort.
  • Allow for more activities at home and at work.
  • Helps overcome your feelings of solitude
  • Learn new ways to cope with discomfort.
  • Put an end to sleep issues.
  • Recover from injuries.
  • Improve their standard of living.

To get the best treatment consult the expert pain management physician in New Jersey, Dr. Dipty Mangla at Mainland Pain Management.

What Types of Doctors Specialize in Pain Management?

Ans. Anesthesiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and physiatrists are the most common pain management specialists.

What Types of Pain Treatments are Used in the Field of Pain Management?

Ans. Types of pain management treatments are:

  • Procedures that are non-invasive or minimally invasive - Non-invasive surgery refers to any technique that does not require penetration into the body by an incision, cut, or skin piercing. Minimally invasive surgery may involve making small incisions in the skin or through a bodily cavity or anatomical opening to access the body.
  • Medications are chemical substances (or products derived from them) used in the medical diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of disease.
  • Physical therapy is a type of rehabilitation that uses specially designed equipment and exercises to help patients of all ages regain or enhance their physical abilities.
  • Acupuncture’s general hypothesis is that there are patterns of energy flow (Qi) across the body that are necessary for health. Disease is thought to be caused by disruptions in this flow. Acupuncture claims to restore flow abnormalities at specific places near the skin by stimulating anatomical regions with thin, solid, metallic needles handled manually or electrically.

To find out the best-suited treatment consult Dr. Dipty Mangla, a leading pain management specialist in New Jersey at Mainland Pain Management.

How Do I Know if My Pain is Acute or Chronic?

Ans. Pain is an unpleasant condition that signals that something hurts. It differs from person to person. It can be very mild, unnoticeable or severe. The main difference between a pain being acute or chronic is its duration. The pain that is short lived and is related to specific conditions or illnesses is acute pain. On the contrary the pain that lasts for an extended period, basically that lasts for at least three to six months is termed as Chronic pain.

If you are suffering from prolonged pain, medical help is necessary. In such scenarios you can consult Dr. Dipty Mangla, a renowned pain management specialist in New Jersey at Mainland Pain Management.

Who is an Anesthesiologist?

Ans. An anesthesiologist is a medical specialist who specializes in pain management and anesthesia. They play an important role in pain management by providing anaesthesia during surgical procedures to promote the comfort and safety of the patient. They can also assess and treat numerous pain issues in pain management utilizing procedures such as nerve blocks, epidurals, and drugs, with the goal of relieving or managing chronic pain and improving a patient's quality of life.

To get any of your concerns addressed, you can consult the best anaesthesiologist in New Jersey at Mainland Pain Management.

Will My Pain Medications Cause Problems for Anesthesia?

Ans. Some pain relievers may interact with anesthesia, reducing its effectiveness or producing unpleasant responses. To ensure a safe and successful anesthesia administration during surgery, inform your anesthesiologist about any pain medications you're using, including prescription and over-the-counter painkillers, herbal supplements, or recreational substances. A skilled anesthesiologist will change the anesthetic strategy to avoid any potential problems or complications.

To meet such an expert and the best anesthesiologist in Linwood, you should consult Dr. Dipty Mangla at Mainland Pain Management.

Our specialist has 15+ years of experience as an anesthesiologist and is trained in using regional anesthesia, nerve blocks including ultrasound guidance, vascular access. To book a consultation, please contact us at +1 (609) 788-3626 or mail us at info@mainalnd-pain-management.com.

How Does a Mainland Pain Management Specialist Treat Chronic Pain Once the Source is Identified?

Ans. Dr. Dipty Mangla, will advise you on the best minimally invasive procedure to relieve your pain, which may include:

  • the general body
  • back, neck, and spine
  • joints of the shoulder, hip, and knee

To discover the best treatment option, visit Mainland Pain Management to consult Dr. Dipty Mangla, the best anesthesiologist in New Jersey.

How Might A Mainland Pain Management Specialist Assist You in Returning to Your Normal Life?

Ans. Dr. Dipty Mangla and her staff will collaborate with you to develop the best treatment plan for you. Patient care can’t be devised in general. However, by analyzing the patient’s condition after an accurate diagnosis a proper treatment to elevate the pain can be determined. The aim is to create a personalized treatment plan that is effective and efficient.

Those seeking an expert pain management specialist in Linwood can consult at Mainland Pain Management. The clinic's founder, Dr. Dipty Mangla, a leading pain management specialist, will offer urgent, continuous, and follow-up care and compassion that you require to get relief from pain. To avail of the benefits, consult the expert now.

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