I wish I could give 10 stars. I went to Dr. Mangla based on her excellent reviews and I am so happy I did.
I was in excruciating pain from a L5/S1 herniated disc pressing on my right leg S1 nerve. The pain was debilitating to my everyday life functions, I could not sit, stand, lay or basically move without being in tears. Dr Mangla evaluated me and told me from day one that she knew she could help me, and she has. She is an amazing doctor who listens and really cares about helping you. Her office is very clean and the office staff are the BEST. They are so caring, friendly and welcoming.
I recommend Dr Mangla highly for any pain management that you need.

- Mother Coconutz

I choose the right Doctor with Dr Mangla. Shes very good with listening to every detail.Shes very knowledgeable and im more informed now with her. Also during a procedure with her and her staff, I felt so relaxed with the confidence level there. Im physically a lot better today

- Edward Rumpf

The staff is super friendly, kind and respectful. Dr. Mangla is a gem. Knowledgeable, kind, respectful.

- Sam Russo

Dr. Mangla, I thank you for taking such excellent care for me. I came to you crying and the picture I am posting here is the first time I got dressed in months and went to church. To those reading this, Dr Mangla has great bedside manner and excellent Dr and her office staff are so nice and assist with anything you need. I could go on and on about the extent of happiness I have to find this angel of a doctor! Don’t think twice, just go see for yourself.

- Elena Tzorbatzoglou

Office staff are very polite and friendly. No waiting time for your appointment. Dr. Mangla explains what area she is going to treat for pain control. She is very efficient doing the procedures. She is highly recommended by other physicians in the community.

- Eileen Sanders

Dr. Mangla has helped me tremendously. I'm able to do yard work and am also able to do more things around my house. Thank you!!!

- Steve Gallagher

I can’t say enough positive about Dr. Mangla. She is such a patient advocate for whatever she can do to help you live a more comfortable life. She won’t stop until symptoms are managed. You couldn’t find a more compassionate person to put your trust in.

- Elizabeth Readeau

Was experiencing chronic lower back pain for 6 years and had tried all other options: chiropractor & orthopedic. One appointment with Dr.Mangla and she immediately recognized I had S.I. joint pain and got me in for an injection within 2 weeks. Have been pain free for the last 2 weeks and it has been a blessing.

- Sierra Mcneill

Dr mangla was outstanding. I had severe back pain and stomach issues doctors shots have made me feel much much better.

- Ed Stokes

Dr Mangla is very good .She explains all treatment in a very informative way. I am so glad i went to see her .Helped take my pain away. I am very thankful.

- Penny Diffenbaugh

Dr Mangla helped me a lot with pain. I had peripheral nerve stimulator placed and she lifted weight off my shoulders

- J, Sweet

Dr Mangla is amazing. She is never in a rush and has been the most amazing doctor I have ever met. She is honest and I trust her recommendations .

- C, Bell

Pain, pain go away . Very knowledgeable with treating pain. I have seen 4 other pain doctors before her, with no relief. She did not quit till she found out the cause of pain.

- Steve F

I would like to thank Dr Mangla for everything she has done for me going above and beyond and caring for me. I can not say how much I appreciate her knowledge. I would tell anyone who has back pain to see Dr Mangla. Thank you once again.

- George Bender

I have lived with pain for most of my senior years and have seen Pain Management Specialists since my Sixties and have had several surgeries since then. Yes, I had some relief but, it was fleeting as I became older. It wasn't until I was fortunate to find Dr. Dipty Mangla that I was told "No one should have to endure Pain". My treatments from that point had a profound impact on me by reducing my pain levels and improving my psyche. No longer did I rely on my aches just to prove I was still alive. As I approach my 84th birthday, I feel that Dr. Mangla has much to do with my desire to enjoy some of the things that my loss of mobility and pain levels prohibited me from doing. Thank you Dr. Mangla for your caring and treatment.

- Fred Klein

My journey in managing my pain has been turbulent to say the least. I have tried every possible solution to deal with my chronic shoulder pain. From countless physical therapy appointments, with multiple doctors in multiple states, to massage therapy, chiropractic, holistic, over the counter medicines, and even herbal remedies such as CBD. After nine years I can say that none of them were effective enough for me to feel any real relief. I have always leaned on the side of caution regarding utilizing prescription pain medication. With all of the side effects and possible dependency issues I just did not want to risk it. Which brought me to the perception that I would never find relief and would have to live with a lower quality of life.
As I had mentioned, I have sought relief from multiple doctors, spanning from general
practice to a variety of specialists. As a result, I have had two surgeries that have corrected issues that needed to be addressed. Unfortunately, the residual effects were long term pain.This pain has not only caused me physical pain, but the mental struggle that results can sometimes hurt more. Carrying my children, limiting physical fitness, and overall mental fatigue have plagued my life for so long. On a final push from my husband to try one more doctor I found a light in my darkness. Dr. Dipty Mangla introduced me to a new type of treatment. I had never heard of a Stim Router Peripheral Nerve Stimulator. Dr. Mangla explained to me that the device would help to relieve my pain and would be in my complete control. After a careful and detailed explanation of the science and mechanics of the device, I decided that it made sense and to continue with the
Procedure. The surgery was not difficult, minimally invasive, and the overall recovery time was exceptionally shorter than my previous surgeries, about a week at most of light duty. The most surprising part was the instantaneous relief. I was able to use it right after surgery, which helped with the residual aches from surgery and relief of the constant pain I had been dealing with. I have been using the Stim Router now for over two months and I can confidently say that this device is changing my quality of life for the better. I use my Stim throughout the day and effectively manage my pain. Thanks to this device and Dr.Mangla’s depth of knowledge on medication alternatives, I am able to live a more productive and fulfilling life.

- Verified User

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